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Basic features
Parity parity
Domain domain
Codomain codomain
Period period
Specific values
At zero zero
Limit to + plusinf
limit to - minusinf
Maxima max
Minima min
Value at vr1 f1
Value at vr2 f2
Value at [...] [...]
Value at vr5 f5
Specific features
Asymptote asymptote
Root root
Critical point critical
Inflection point inflection
Fixed point fixed


Blank syntax[edit]

{{Infobox mathematics function
| name = 
| image= |imagesize= <!--(default 220px)--> |imagealt=

| parity= |domain= |codomain= |period=

| zero= |plusinf= |minusinf= |max= |min=
| vr1= |f1= |vr2= |f2= |vr3= |f3= |vr4= |f4= |vr5= |f5=

| asymptote= |root= |critical= |inflection= |fixed=

| notes = 


  • Pairs VR1-f1, f1-VR2, etc. are used for labeling specific value functions. Suppose a function at the point e has a value of 2e and that this point is because of something specific. In this case you should put that as VR1 = eand f1 = 2e. For the next point is used a couple of VR2-f2, etc. If you run out of points (five currently available), ask for more.
  • Variables heading1, heading2, heading3 define whether some of the headlines basic properties, specific values, etc. be displayed. If you do not want a title to be displayed, simply delete the variable from the template. Set the value of the variable to 0 or anything will not prevent the display title.
  • Variables plusinf and minusinf indicate the value function at + ∞ and - ∞.
  • root is the x-intercept, critical is the critical point(s), inflection is inflection point(s)
  • fixed is fixed point(s)


The code below produces the box opposite:

Basic features
Parity odd
Domain (-∞,∞)
Codomain [-1,1]
Specific values
At zero 0
Maxima ((2k+½)π,1)
Minima ((2k-½)π,-1)
Specific features
Critical point kπ-π/2
Inflection point
Fixed point 0

Variable k is an integer.
{{Infobox mathematics function
| name = Sine
| image = Sinus.svg
| parity=odd |domain=(-∞,∞) |codomain=[-1,1] |period=2π
| zero=0 |plusinf= |minusinf= |max=((2k+½)π,1) |min=((2k-½)π,-1)
| asymptote= |root=kπ |critical=kπ-π/2 |inflection=kπ |fixed=0
| notes = Variable k is an [[integer]].

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