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For use in articles that deal with named racehorses of any breed or racing discipline, including Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, Flat racing, Harness racing, Steeplechasing and related areas. For all other named horses, use {{Infobox named horse}}.

For Standardbred race horses, also add the parameters at {{Infoboxmodule Standardbred}}


Note: Please do not make significant alterations (e.g., new fields, field name changes) without establishing general awareness and approval via the Talk page.

Breed {{{breed}}}
Sire {{{sire}}}
Grandsire {{{grandsire}}}
Dam {{{dam}}}
Damsire {{{damsire}}}
Sex {{{sex}}}
Foaled {{{foaled}}}
Died {{{death_date}}}
Country {{{country}}}
Colour {{{colour}}} or {{{color}}}
Breeder {{{breeder}}}
Owner {{{owner}}}
Racing colours {{{racing_colours}}} or {{{racing_colors}}}
Trainer {{{trainer}}}
Jockey {{{jockey}}}
Record {{{record}}}
Earnings {{{earnings}}}
Major wins
{{{honours}}} or {{{honors}}}
Last updated on {{{updated}}}
{{Infobox racehorse
| name       = 
| image      = 
| image_alt  =
| caption    = 
| breed      = 
| sire       = 
| grandsire  = 
| dam        = 
| damsire    = 
| sex        = 
| foaled     =  
| death_date = 
| country    = 
| colour     = <!-- or | color = -->
| breeder    = 
| owner      = 
| racing_colours =  <!-- or | racing_colors = -->
| trainer    = 
| jockey     = 
| record     = 
| earnings   = 
| wins       = 
| awards     = 
| honours    = <!-- or | honors = -->
| updated    =  


  • awards (optional) shows what the horse was awarded during his racing career such as Horse of the Year or "Triple Crown" winner, etc.
  • honours (optional) are bestowed after the horses racing career such as having a postage stamp, street, race, etc. issued/named in their honor. Plus, a Hall of Fame induction or being voted as one of the country's horses of the century, or best-ever "miler," and other such honors.

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