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This template should not be substituted.

Simple, for keep verdicts:

{{Old RfD
| date = 

Must be in YYYY mmm d form, where mmm is full month name

Full syntax:

{{Old RfD
| date = 
| action = 
| result = 
| page = 
  • date: date of nomination; must be in YYYY mmm d format unless "page:" parameter is used
  • action: (optional) use delete or retarget to indicate the proposed action
  • result: (optional) default value is keep
  • page: (optional) the log page (and preferably section); must be in YYYY mmm d format, e.g. :
    • 2006 December 31
    • 2006 December 31#Legacy Corporation → The Legacy Corporation
  • Beginning July 21, 2006, the RfD logs have been kept on dated pages, e.g. Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2006 December 31. Thus, the "page=" parameter of the template defaults to the log base directory. As an example, for the RfD for Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2007 May 5#Raven Cliff Falls, use
{{Old RfD|date=May 5, 2007|result='''disambig'''|page=2007 May 5#Raven Cliff Falls}}
{{Old RfD|date=January 21, 2006|result='''convert to a disambiguation page'''|rawlink=[[Wikipedia:Redirects for deletion/Redirect Archives/January 2006#January 21|the discussion]]}}

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