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Place this template at the top of any disambiguation page containing only two topics, one of which is the primary topic. This will inform users that additional topics to which the title can refer should be added, lest the page be deleted. In addition, the template places the article in the Category:Disambiguation pages containing one non-primary topic category to inform other editors.


{{Only two dabs}} should be used with the following two parameters:

  • date: the month and year (e.g. {{Only two dabs|date=July 2017}} ) when the Only-two-dabs template was added to the article; this helps to figure out how long the disambiguation page has been tagged.

Optional parameters include:

  • search=true: (e.g. {{Only two dabs|date=July 2017|search=true}} ) used when the disambiguation page already includes {{lookfrom}} and {{intitle}} search links. This removes the advice to add those templates.