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This template is for page __TOC__ (Table Of Contents) code to go into a collapsible box that has [show]/[hide] functionality with the default being that the box is collapsed (and the TOC hidden) thereby allowing for a single click on the [show] area for display. This provides editors an option to better pages with long TOCs so that the lead isn't by default occupied with a large amount of dead blank space. Place the template in the location where the TOC is to be displayed. Note that Show Preview will show the TOC; the page must first be saved before the TOC will be hidden.

This template should not be used on articles, and will not function when placed in one.


Place the following on the page: {{TOC hidden}}


The necessity of this template is often disputed, so apply it with consideration. A suggested alternative is: {{TOC limit}}. Another alternative, for no table of contents at all, is the magic word template __NOTOC__.

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