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Recent changes in WP:Medicine
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The template adds a box to a page with five or more links. Each link opens a list of Recent changes for a set of WP:MED pages.

{{Recent changes in Medicine}}


Your options (can set in your Preferences, tab: recent changes):

  • Hide minor edits
  • History length (maximum number of days)
  • Length of list (e.g., maximum of 500 edits)
  • ...

Add more links to track[edit]

You can add extra pages that are tracked (=presented in a Recent changes list).

{{Recent changes in Medicine
|mylinks2=Malaria|label2=My topic of study

|label2= is optional.

  • Four pages can be added: |mylinks1=, |mylinks2=, |mylinks3=, |mylinks4=. With them, |label1=|label4=) can be added, optionally.
Do not skip numbers. Add the whole pagename, including the namespace.
Setting |sourcelink=no hides the "(source)" link to your individual pages. Default is |sourcelink=yes.

Style settings[edit]

|style= is an optional parameter, and can set or overrule the css style:

{{Recent changes in Medicine|style=float:left;}} will let the box float to the left side of the page.

Workings of "Recent changes"[edit]

The Recent changes special page produces a time-ordered list of edits, a bit like "Recent changes", "Watchlist" and "History" do. The specialty is that it lists only "outgoing links that are on a page." The option is in the toolbox menu in the left-hand side of this screen. When clicked, you'll see the edits listed for all links that are on this very page.

We can also feed this Special with another page's links to follow. For example, this is the Related changes list looking at talkpage WT:Medicine: Special page Related changes for WT:Medicine. This template uses the trick is that it uses another pages that has exactly all "Medicine X-importance" pages listed.

If we put all 30,000 MED-pages in one page to follow, the visible list would roll over every 5 hours, so that you'd easily miss edits to you pages of interest: they're falling off the list quick.

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