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Matt Kenseth burns down the house at Thunder Valley.JPG The WikiProject NASCAR Award
I, {{{yourname}}}, hereby award [[User:{{{theirname}}}|{{{theirname}}}]] the WikiProject NASCAR Award for {{{Gender}}} valued contributions to WikiProject NASCAR articles. {{{extra}}}
Awarded {{{awarded}}}
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{{subst:Template:WikiProject NASCAR Award
  • yourname: your user name, insert with ~~~
  • theirname: their user name, insert just their name (no User: prefix)
  • Gender: their gender, insert his or her
  • extra: Any extra information you would like to add after the opening line. Even if you do not want anything extra, do not remove the line. If the line is removed there will be an ugly {{{extra}}} on the award, but if you leave it there won't!
  • awarded: the date awarded, insert with ~~~~~