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Temulin was the sister of Genghis Khan. She was born just before the death of her father Yesugei and when her family was abandoned by their tribe. She married an Olkhun'ut warrior by the name of Palchuk. Genghis was close to her just like he was to his mother Hoelun and his wife Borte and brothers. She died when Shah Ala-ud-din Muhammad I and his Khwarazmian forces attacked the Mongolian settlements of Genghis Khan near the war zone after their devastating defeat at the hands of Mongolian army. Genghis Khan took an oath to destroy Shah Ala-ud-din after this event. But some facts also state that Genghis Khan's shaman healer Kokchu killed her, taking advantage of the raid by the Arab ruler on the Mongolian camp as he was afraid she would report his behaviour to Genghis Khan. There are not many historical facts about her because she did not contribute much to the overall outcome of Mongolia. She had four older brothers: Temujin (who would go on to become Genghis Khan), Hasar, Hachiun and Temuge. She also had two half brothers, Behter and Belgutei.