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Test management tools are used to store information on how testing is to be done, plan testing activities and report the status of quality assurance activities. The tools have different approaches to testing and thus have different sets of features. Generally they are used to maintain and plan manual testing, run or gather execution data from automated tests, manage multiple environments and to enter information about found defects. Test management tools offer the prospect of streamlining the testing process and allow quick access to data analysis, collaborative tools and easy communication across multiple project teams. Many test management tools incorporate requirements management capabilities to streamline test case design from the requirements. Tracking of defects and project tasks are done within one application to further simplify the testing.

Structuring the test process[edit]

Test management tools give teams the ability to consolidate and structure the test process using one test management tool, instead of installing multiple applications that are designed to manage only one step of the process. Test management tools allow teams to manage test case environments, automated tests, defects and project tasks. Some applications include advanced dashboards and detailed tracking of key metrics, allowing for easy tracking of progress and bug management.


A test management tool that includes everything needed to manage the test process can save testers the hassle of installing separate applications that are necessary for the testing process. They can be implemented with minimal programming ability, allowing for easy installation and monitoring of the test process across multiple project groups. Once installed, teams have instant access to a user interface and can immediately start running and recording test cases. These types of applications are designed to simplify the test management process with high levels of automation and tracking built in, yet don't require advanced programming skills or knowledge to implement. They are useful for teams who manage a variety of test cases and for larger teams who need an all-inclusive application for project management.


Once a project has kicked off, a test management tool tracks bug status, defects and projects tasks, and allows for collaboration across the team. When administering test cases, users can access a variety of dashboards to gain access to data instantly, making the test process efficient and accurate. The type of dashboard used is determined by the scope of the project and the information and data that needs to be extracted during the testing process. Data can be shared and accessed across multiple project teams, allowing for effective communication and collaboration throughout the testing process.

List of test management tools[edit]

The following is a list of tools that have some test management capabilities. The items in this list are either commercial or open source tools.


Product Creator License Automated
unit tests
GUI tests
aqua andagon GmbH proprietary / SaaS Yes Yes Yes Yes 2008 Application Lifecycle Management Software. Offline working possible. Integration with Ranorex, JMeter, Eclipse, Jenkins and more [1][better source needed][2][better source needed]
Bstriker ALTM Bstriker International BV proprietary / SaaS Yes Yes Yes Yes 2014 Application Lifecycle Test Management Software. Saas, on-premises, Integration with Issue Trackers, CIT and other tools [3]
Checkpanel Checkpanel proprietary / SaaS No No Yes Yes 2013 Lightweight test management tool for recurring tests. [4]
codeBeamer Intland GmbH proprietary No No Yes Yes 1999 Application Lifecycle Management Software [5][better source needed]
Enterprise Tester Catch Software proprietary Yes No Yes Yes 2009 Integration with JIRA, Sparx Enterprise Architect, Rally Software, Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012 [6][better source needed]
Extension Cord Deem Open Source (Apache 2 license) No No Yes Yes 2013 Free open source test case management for basic use cases [7]
Hiptest Hiptest Inc proprietary Yes Yes Yes No 2014 Cloud based test management designed for agile and DevOps teams. Integration with Jira, Trello, CI tools and many test frameworks: Junit, TestNG, Ruby/ Rspec, Ruby/MiniTest, cucumber, Specflow, Javascript/qUnit, Javascript/Jasmine, c#/NUnit, Python/Unittest. [8][better source needed]
HP Quality Center Hewlett-Packard (formerly Mercury Interactive) proprietary No Yes Yes Yes Unknown [citation needed]
IBM Rational Quality Manager IBM (formerly Rational Software) proprietary Yes Yes Yes Yes 2008-10-28 Integration with JIRA, and other tools via OSLC interfaces. Integration with automation tools like Rational Test Workbench and QTP [citation needed]
ICEFLO Agenor Technology proprietary / SaaS 2008 ICEFLO is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that puts the highly risky challenge of deploying large-scale technology change into a clear, collaborative, real-time and controlled state. [9]
informUp Test Case Management informUp Ltd. proprietary No No Yes Yes 2008-01-01 Integration with JIRA, Bugzilla and other tools. [10][better source needed]
Kanoah Tests Kanoah proprietary No No Yes Yes 2015 Kanoah Test is a comprehensive Test Management Tool for JIRA. Design, plan, organize, execute Test Cases, make detailed reports for Management, track progress, work in bulk, import from other tools, take advantage of Rest API and much more! [11][better source needed][12][better source needed]
Klaros-Testmanagement verit Informationssysteme GmbH proprietary Yes Yes Yes Yes 2009 Free community edition and commercial enterprise edition. Integrates with Bugzilla, Mantis, JIRA, Redmine, Trac and Jenkins. Mobile device support. [13][14]
Meliora Testlab Meliora Ltd proprietary Yes Yes Yes Yes 2012 Integration with JIRA, Jenkins and Confluence. Automated testing via Jenkins CI. Includes Requirements management,

test management, issue management and test team collaboration features.

[15][better source needed]
Microsoft Test Manager/Team Foundation Server Microsoft proprietary Yes Yes Yes Yes 2010 Microsoft Test Manager is part of Visual Studio Test or Ultimate for releases 2010 - 2013 and part of Visual Studio Enterprise 2015. It is an interface to already existing functionality within Team Foundation Serve (TFS), therefore requires TFS. It has facilities for all stages of testing: planning, exploratory testing, test case generation, manual execution, automated execution, integration with build servers for continuous deployment, bug creation and tracking, test result reporting, execution of automated tests in parallel on multiple targets. [16]
Norizzk.com the test leaders SaaS No No Yes Yes 2014 NORIZZK.COM is a SaaS platform for reducing and mitigating the risks introduced by the rapid changes and increase of complexity in their IT projects. We enable test coordination for the modern IT projects. The platform integrates with HP ALM, JIRA and PIVOTAL TRACKER. [17][18]
Occygen Occygen proprietary/SaaS No No Yes Yes 2013 Occygen, acquired by QAMentor inc. , is a tool for QA / Validation activities in a company.It offers customization of the test case execution using Nosetests based on Python Scripts. Can be integrated with ticket management software such as JIRA, Mantis and Bugzilla. Also available as a cloud service. [19][better source needed]
Overlook Crowdsourced Testing SaaS No No Yes No 2014 Test Plan Software. iOS and Android readiness checklists to help teams test apps for publication in app stores [20]
PractiTest H.S. PractiTest Ltd. SaaS No No Yes Yes 2009-09-28 Integration with JIRA, and other tools. Integration with automation tools like QTP, Selenium, Watir, and more [21]
QMetry InfoStretch Inc. SaaS / Proprietary Yes Yes Yes Yes 2009 Integration with JIRA, Bugzilla, Fogbugz, Rally and other bug trackers, along with Selenium QTP and other automation tools. [22]
QMetry Test Manager for JIRA InfoStretch Inc. SaaS - Atlassian Marketplace Yes Yes Yes Yes 2016 Integration with JIRA [23]
qTest & qTest eXplorer QASymphony proprietary/SaaS No No Yes Yes 2011 Test case management and exploratory testing software for agile development and QA teams. Cloud and on-premise options available. Integrations with JIRA, Rally & VersionOne. [24][25][26]
Rainforest QA CLDRDR Inc SaaS / proprietary No Yes Yes Yes 2012 Provides QA-as-a-service, including test case management, reporting and on-demand crowd execution of manual test cases. [27][28][29][30][31]
Refertest ReferTy proprietary / Saas No No Yes Yes 2010 Cloud-based or On Premises, Integration with JIRA, Mantis, TestComplete, QuickTest Pro / UFT, Selenium
Silk Central Test Manager Borland — Microfocus proprietary Yes Yes Yes Yes 2014 Highly customizable. Supports custom entities, custom relationships and custom fields [32][better source needed]
Sitechco Quality-Lab proprietary No No Yes Yes 2010 Integrates with various issue trackers such as JIRA for Defect Management [33][better source needed]
Squash TM Henix GNU Lesser General Public License No Yes Yes Yes 2011 Defect Management and test GUI automation is done through integration (Web service, SOAP) with respectively 5 Bugtrackers (Mantis, Bugzilla, Redmine, Trac & JIRA) and 5 automation robots via Squash TA (Selenium 1 & 2, Sahi, SoapUI, HP QTP). [34]
Stryka Plutora SaaS No Yes Yes Yes 2016 Enterprise Test Management Solution Delivered using SaaS. Designed to work in a DevOps toolchain and on any computer or device, Stryka covers Dev/Test Leader boards, Test Case management and Defect Management. [35]
TestFLO InTENSO proprietary Yes Yes Yes Yes 2013 Works as JIRA add-on. Introduces the concept of a Repository of Test Cases. Provides Test Plans execution and automation. Support Defect, Requirement, Change and Project Management. [36][better source needed]
TestCaseLab Gera-IT proprietary/SaaS No No Yes Yes 2016 Enterprise Test Management system. Integrates with JIRA, Redmine, Pivotal Tracker. Has an advanced UI/UX [37]
TestCollab Giga Promoters proprietary/SaaS Yes Yes Yes Yes 2011-01-05 Integrates with popular bug trackers, Bi-directional integration, Supports all test automation tools, Requirements management [38][39]
Testersuite Testersuite B.V. proprietary No No Yes Yes 2011 (Integrates with various other tools for test automation) [40]
TestLodge TestLodge limited proprietary No No Yes Yes 2012 (Integrates with various issue trackers such as JIRA for Defect Management) [41]
tematoo tesena proprietary No No Yes Yes 2014 (Integrates with various issue trackers such as JIRA for Defect Management) [42][better source needed]
TestComplete smartbear proprietary Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown [43][better source needed]
TestLink TeamTest GNU General Public License No Yes Yes Yes 2004 Defect Management is done through integration (DB, SOAP) with 11 BTS including Mantis, Bugzilla & JIRA) [44][better source needed]
TestPad TestPad SaaS No No Yes Yes 2011 Basic integration with any bug tracking tool via hyperlink to bug URL [45]
TestRail Gurock Software proprietary No No Yes Yes Unknown Defect Management is done through integration with JIRA) [46][better source needed]
TestTrack Seapine Software proprietary No Yes Yes Yes 2006 Automated GUI tests are done through integration with QA Wizard [47]
TOSCA Testsuite Tricentis proprietary No Yes Yes No 2007 model-based with business test cases in plain English; certified to integrate with Agile methods, SAP, ALM, JIRA & QTP [48][better source needed]
Usersnap Usersnap SaaS No No Yes Yes 2013 Manual Tests & User Acceptance Tests [49]
XORICON TestLab XORICON GmbH proprietary No No Yes Yes 2014 Highly customizable. Supports custom entities, custom relationships and custom fields [50][better source needed]
Xray for JIRA Xpand IT proprietary Yes No Yes Yes 2013 Test Management add-on for JIRA, supports automated and manual tests, with comprehensive requirement coverage charts. Supports natively Cucumber. Has built-in REST API and JQL functions. [51]
XStudio XQual proprietary and GNU Lesser General Public License Yes Yes Yes Yes 2007 Highly customizable. Integration with JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantis, VersionOne, Clearquest, Trac [52]
Zephyr Zephyr proprietary No No Yes Yes 2007 integration with JIRA and Bugzilla. [53][better source needed]

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