Thác Bà Lake

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Coordinates: 21°43′39″N 105°01′17″E / 21.727521°N 105.021495°E / 21.727521; 105.021495

Thác Bà Lake

The Thác Bà Lake (Hồ Thác Bà) is a manmade lake in Vietnam created by construction of the Thác Bà hydroelectric plant in the 1960s.[1] Thác Bà is the name of the Bà Falls which pre-existed the dam (cf. Vietnamese: thác nước, waterfall).


  1. ^ The Politics of Environment in Southeast Asia - Page 59 Philip Hirsch, Carol Warren - 2002 "Three other dams also contribute to the grid, two of which were completed during the 1960s (Thac Ba in the north, now almost defunct, ..."