That's My Baby! (1984 film)

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That's My Baby!
Directed by John Bradshaw
Edie Yolles
Produced by Edie Yolles
Written by John Bradshaw
Edie Yolles
Starring Timothy Webber
Sonja Smits
Lenore Zann
Matt Craven
Joann McIntyre
Music by Eric N. Robertson
Cinematography W.W. Reeve
Edited by John Bradshaw
Stephen Withrow
Edie Yolles
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release date
Running time
97 minutes
Language English

That's My Baby! is a 1984 Canadian comedy film directed by John Bradshaw and Edie Yolles. It was distributed for a brief time by Troma Entertainment.

The film follows a couple, Lewis and Suzanne: Lewis takes care of the house and works part-time, while Suzanne works full-time. Lewis decides he wants a child, but Suzanne worries that it might interfere with her career.

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