The Arusha Accord

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The Arusha Accord
Origin Reading, Berkshire, England
Genres Mathcore
Progressive Metal
Years active 2005-present
Labels Basick Records
Members Alex Green
Paul Green
James Clayton
Tom Hollings
Luke Williams
Mark Vincent

The Arusha Accord are a mathcore-technical metal band from Reading, Berkshire who took their name from an agreement aimed at ending the Rwandan genocide.[1][2]

Band history[edit]

The Arusha Accord are a rhythm-section fuelled, progressive math metal band from Reading, UK. They utilise technical guitar work as well as cyclical, progressive, Tool-inspired melodies. The band have received comparisons to Sikth and Dillinger Escape Plan,[2][3] and they state their influences to be Dillinger Escape Plan, Sikth, Tool, Converge and Meshuggah. They are well known for the fact that they are one of the only mathcore bands, along with Sikth (only partially) to utilise slap bass, and Luke Williams uses this style heavily.

The Arusha Accord's debut album The Echo Verses was released in the autumn of 2009 and received a 4 out of 5Ks-rated review from Kerrang, reviewer Ray Holroyd enthusing: "Any band that can create a debut album this flawless is destined for success."[4]

According to a more recent press statement [5] dated February 2011 the band are writing their second album, which will be released in the near future. Also, they plan to release a two-disc Collector's Edition of their debut album The Echo Verses, paired with their EP Nightmares of the Ocean, which includes various bonus features such as desktops, tablature for the whole The Echo Verses album, new artwork, and the video for their song "Dead To Me". This collector's pack was released internationally on 12 April 2011 through Basick Records. Basick Records, for a limited time, offered copies of the collector's pack signed by each member of the band, which have since sold out.

The Arusha Accord began tracking their second album in late 2013, with a projected 2014 release.

As well as being members of The Arusha Accord, Alex Green is also the vocalist and guitarist for the post-hardcore band Attention Thieves and Paul Green is the current vocalist for Basick labelmates Devil Sold His Soul.

Band members[edit]



  • The Echo Verses (2009), A Wolf at Your Door


  • Nightmares of the Ocean (2008), Basick Records
  • The Arusha Accord/A Textbook Tragedy split EP, A Wolf at Your Door


  • The Echo Verses/Nightmares of the Ocean (2011), Basick Records


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