The Bags (Massachusetts band)

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The Bags
Origin Lexington, Massachusetts
Genres Hard rock, punk rock, heavy metal
Years active 1985–present
Members Jon Hardy
Jim Janota
Crispin Wood

The Bags are a hard rock/punk rock band from Lexington, Massachusetts — formed in 1985 — and are not to be confused with Bags, a punk rock band formed in 1977. The band is composed of members Jon Hardy, Jim Janota, and Crispin Wood. Though a couple of early recordings were released on the Crawling from Within multi-artist compilation,[1] their debut album, entitled Rock Starve, was released in 1987. An article by Charles M. Young written in Playboy magazine best describes the band's sound: "The Bags fall somewhere among the Ramones, Hüsker Dü, and early KISS. Their debut, Rock Starve, consists of thrilling guitar-bash riffs that pound like the sound of a herd of giant woolly mammoths going over a cliff, just enough melody rasping though shredded vocal cords and lyrics wholly unbesmirched by any panty-waist college-poetry influence."

The band began touring in 1988, releasing an album under the alias of "Swamp Oaf" and later releasing an actual self-titled LP. Their next album, Night of the Corn People, came in 1991, though the band broke up shortly thereafter. Though having gone their separate ways for over a decade (discounting a single reunion show in 1996), they reassembled in 2003 to page their latest achievement, Sharpen Your Sticks, one track of which ("Cavemen Rejoice") eventually found its way onto the PlayStation 2 game, Guitar Hero. Later, in April 2007, The Bags released a follow-up to Sharpen Your Sticks: the 14-track opus, Mount Rockmore. This latest original album was produced by Carl Plaster (Sebadoh, Buffalo Tom, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, etc.).




  • "I Know" / "Hide and Seek" (Mar. 1989, Stanton Park) 7" vinyl 45
  • "L. Frank Baum" / "Max Roach" (June 1991, Stanton Park) 7" vinyl 45
  • "Dr. Lb." / "Frilly Underwear" (Aug. 1991, Helter Skelter) 7" vinyl 45
  • "2 Songs Live" ("Ivan the Terrible" / "Hide and Seek") (June 2004, Oaf Records) a CD single featuring live versions of the two tracks, recorded at Middle East Downstairs during a comeback tour in Feb., 2004


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