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The Blackout Crew are a five piece bouncy techno/happy hardcore/rap act from Halliwell, Bolton in Greater Manchester, England who had a hit album in the United Kingdom in 2009 with Time 2 Shine which peaked at number 42.[1][2] The album contained three singles, "Bbbbbbbbbounce", "Put A Donk on It", and "Dialled".[3][4]

The line up consists of Tony Sabanskis who produces the backing tracks for the MCs, Jordan Cover (the lead singer, MC Cover), Kevin Allison (MC Dowie), Kurtis Chadwick (MC Viper), Robert Davis (MC Rapid) and Zak Kabbani (MC Zak K) [5][6] MC Cover also provided a B-side remix for Metronomy's 2008 single "A Thing for Me".

The lines "You know what you wanna do with that, right? You wanna put a bangin' donk on it", sampled from the song "Put A Donk on It", has frequently been used in the opening of the BBC Radio programme Radcliffe & Maconie, being generally favoured by Mark Radcliffe.


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