The CW Operators' Club

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The CW Operators' Club
Abbreviation CWops
Motto "Preserving The Unique Art Form of Morse Code"
Formation January 2010
Type Non-profit organization
Purpose Advocacy, Education
Region served
Worldwide Membership

The CW Operators' Club is an international organization, in membership and management, for amateur radio operators who enjoy communicating using Morse Code. The club is commonly known as CWops. Its mission is to foster the use of CW, whether for contesting, DXing, traffic handling, or engaging in long conversations called "rag chewing".

CW is an abbreviation for Continuous Wave, describing the mode in which Morse code is most often transmitted. A transmitter is simply keyed on and off, and the presence or absence of carrier is decoded in the receiver as the presence or absence of a tone.

A CWops nominee must be capable of sending and receiving International Morse Code at no less than 25 words per minute using the English language. The CW Operators' Club (CWops) is an activity-based organization that sponsors many events. The CWops are dedicated to promoting goodwill and education to amateur radio operators throughout the world. Many members are notable contesters, DXers, and QRQ (high speed) Morse Code operators.

CWT sample QSO

Contest exchange between KC4D and

KE5FRF in the International Morse Code.

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