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The Canadian Army Journal (CAJ) (French: Journal de l'Armée canadienne)[1] is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Canadian Army in English and French. It was established in 1947.


The journal was established in 1947 with Jack G. DeProse as founding editor-in-chief.[2] Preceded by the Canadian Army Training Memorandum which was published from 1941 to 1947, it ceased publication in June 1965 amidst reform within the Department of National Defence seeking to unify the journals of the Canadian Armed Forces. In 1965 the Canadian Army Journal, the Navy's The Crowsnest and the Air Force's The Roundel were merged to form the Canadian Forces sentinel, which changed its name to simply Sentinel in 1973 and ceased publication in 1994.

On the other hand the Canadian Army Journal was effectively succeeded in 1980 by the Canadian Army Doctrine Bulletin, which was revamped into the Army Doctrine and Training Bulletin in August 1998. Under Shane Schreiber, the journal returned to its original name in 2004.[2] Andrew Godefroy was the most recent editor-in-chief.[3] In the Spring 2015 issue of the CAJ, Godefroy announced Major Chris Young as the next Editor-in-Chief.[4]

Past Editors[edit]

Years Active Editor
1947-1965 Mr. J.G. ‘Jack’ DeProse
1966-1998 CAJ Inactive
1998-2003 Captain John R. Grodzinski, CD
2003-2004 Major Shane B. Schreiber, CD
2004-2005 Major Ted H. Dillenberg, CD
2005-2015 Major Andrew B. Godefroy, CD
2015–Present Major Chris Young


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