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IDEA Carver Academy is a public charter school located in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Initially established as a Christian private school, Carver Academy was founded by David Robinson, former NBA basketball player with the San Antonio Spurs, and his wife Valerie. The school serves "a socio-economically and culturally diverse student population, grades pre-kindergarten through sixth."

The school was founded in 2001 and is named after George Washington Carver. Not only does the school teach the typical core subjects, but also teaches multiple foreign languages (Spanish, German, and Japanese) and has a music/band program. There is a strong emphasis not only on academic subjects but also on children’s social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs as well. The intention of the school is to develop a well-rounded child.

The mission of The Carver Academy, as stated on its website;

The Carver Academy offers elementary-age children a challenging academic program featuring small classes,
leadership opportunities, and a nurturing family-like environment based upon the foundation of Judeo-Christian
scripture. Graduates of The Carver Academy will be prepared for success in the nation’s most competitive high schools
and will display the highest levels of leadership, discipline, initiative and integrity. The Carver Academy welcomes
all children regardless of race, creed or financial status.

In 2012, the Carver Academy converted to a tuition-free, charter school as part of the IDEA Public Schools network.[1]


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