Center for Head Injury Services

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Center for Head Injury Services
Center for Head Injury Services logo.png
Founded 1986
Type Charitable[1]
Focus Rehabilitation counseling and independent living services for disabled persons
Area served
St. Louis area
Key people
Donna Gunning (Executive Director)[2]

The Center for Head Injury Services is a nonprofit organization in St. Louis, Missouri which serves people who are living with a brain injury or other disability.[3] Among all clients placed in jobs, 89% are still in that job after 3 months.[4] The organization provides community-based programs including therapies, counseling, vocational and employment services, adult day services and social enterprises. One of the organization's social enterprises, Destination Desserts, has received attention for its approach to employment solutions for disabled people.[5][6][7] The Center for Head Injury Services is a 501(c)(3) organization governed by a board of directors and led by an executive director.

In 2011, actor Gary Busey selected the Center for Head Injury Services as his charity while competing on the reality television show Celebrity Apprentice 4.[8][9] Busey, who survived a motorcycle accident in December 1988 that resulted in a severe brain injury,[10] was able to raise $40,000 for the Center for Head Injury Services before being fired in Episode 7.


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