The City (1977 film)

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The City
Genre Crime
Written by John Wilder
Directed by Harvey Hart
Starring Robert Forster
Don Johnson
Ward Costello
Jimmy Dean
Mark Hamill
Theme music composer John Elizalde
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Quinn Martin
Producer(s) John Wilder
Cinematography Jacques R. Marquette
Editor(s) Ray Daniels
Jim Gross
Running time 78 min.
Production company(s) Quinn Martin Productions
Distributor NBC
Original network NBC
Original release January 12, 1977

The City is a crime drama film pilot created in 1977, starring Robert Forster, Ward Costello, Don Johnson and guest starring Jimmy Dean and the (then unknown) Mark Hamill for what was to be a television series that never came to be. In the film, The City, it is about the day in the life of two detectives (Robert Forster as Lieutenant Matt Lewis, Ward Costello as Captain Lloyd Bryant, and later Don Johnson as Sergeant Brian Scott) in Los Angeles solving (in this particular case) a crime where a man is killed for unknown reasons, coming to find an unstable young man (Mark Hamill as Eugene Banks) with a deep hatred against a famous country singer (Jimmy Dean as Wes Collins).

The City was directed by Harvey Hart and written by John Wilder.

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