The Claudia Quintet

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The Claudia Quintet is an "eclectic post-jazz"[1] ensemble formed by drummer and composer John Hollenbeck.


History and name[edit]

After the dissolution of the Refuseniks trio upon the departure of bassist Reuben Radding, Hollenbeck formed The Claudia Quintet.


  • The Claudia Quintet; February 1, 2002; Blueshift CRI
  • I, Claudia; January 14, 2004; Cuneiform
  • Semi-Formal; October 11, 2005; Cuneiform
  • For; May 21, 2007; Cuneiform
  • Royal Toast w- Gary Versace (piano); May 18, 2010; Cuneiform
  • What Is the Beautiful? w- Matt Mitchell (piano), Kurt Elling (vocals), Theo Bleckmann (vocals); October 11, 2011; Cuneiform
  • September; September 24, 2013; Cuneiform
  • Super Petite; June 24, 2016; Cuneiform


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