The Concubine

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The Concubine
Origin Tabernacle Township, NJ, U.S.A.
Genres Deathcore
Years active 2003–2009
Labels Corrosive Recordings
Members Kyle Smith (guitar)
Dave Stahl (vocals)
Dan Pilla (guitar)
Jeff Herron (bass)
Matt "Wolfpounder" Digise (drums)
Past members Mat Olivo (vocals)
Steve Clifford (drums)
Lou Cuello (Guitar)
Brad Thron (Bass)

The Concubine is a deathcore band from Tabernacle Township, New Jersey. Formed in 2003, they have since toured with Knife the Glitter, Veil of Maya, Left to Vanish and other similar bands,[1] and have been hailed on metal blogs as an up-and-coming metal band.[2][3]

The group made their recording debut with a 2004 EP, Maestro, If You Will. Their first full-length album, Abaddon, received mixed reviews.[4][5][6]

According to the band's Myspace,[7] The Concubine has disbanded, citing "other interests and careers" as the reason for the break-up.


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