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Derrick Jensen
Derrick Jensen, 2020 (cropped).png
BornNebraska, United States[1]
  • Writer
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  • Activist
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Derrick Jensen is an American ecophilosopher, writer, author, teacher and environmentalist in the anarcho-primitivist tradition.[2][3] Utne Reader named Jensen among "50 Visionaries Who Are Changing the World" in 2008.[4] Democracy Now! has referred to him as "the poet-philosopher of the ecology movement".[5]

Lierre Keith (left) and Jensen (right) with Deep Green Resistance at Occupy Oakland in 2011

Jensen is a critic of the environmental movement's focus on preserving civilization and technology over preserving the natural world.[6] He specifically challenges the lifestyle changes and individualistic solutions advocated by mainstream environmentalism, considering them inadequate to the scale of global environmental catastrophe.[7] Instead, he promotes civil disobedience, radical activism, and dismantling infrastructure on a massive level in order to halt what he has called "the murder of the planet".[6]

Along with some other radical environmentalist activists, Jensen corresponded with Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, after his arrest. They fell out because Kaczynski felt that Jensen and other radical environmentalists were too dedicated to leftist causes that Kaczynski found irrelevant.[8]

Jensen is a founder and leader within Deep Green Resistance; his and the organization's belief that women-only spaces should exclude trans women has been the subject of controversy.[9][6]

Jensen lives in Crescent City, California.[1]

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