The Devil's Game

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The Devil's Game
The Devil's Game film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Revised Romanization Deo Geim
McCune–Reischauer Tŏ Geim
Directed by Yoon In-ho
Produced by Lee Seo-yeol
Kim Sang-yun
Park Chang-hyeon
Jeong Geun-hyeon
Written by Yoon In-ho
Kim Mi-ra
Lee Jae-jin
Starring Shin Ha-kyun
Byun Hee-bong
Music by Kim Jun-seong
Cinematography Baek Dong-hyeon
Edited by Moon In-dae
Distributed by Prime Entertainment
Release date
  • 31 January 2008 (2008-01-31)
Running time
116 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$10,287,987

The Devil's Game (Hangul더 게임; RRDeo Geim; lit. "The Game") is a 2008 South Korean film.


Struggling artist Min Hee-do (Shin Ha-kyun), is offered three billion won to bet his life to a game against a rich old man, Kang No-sik (Byun Hee-bong), who is dying from a terminal illness. The game is for each man to dial a random phone number and guess if the person who answers will be male or female. Hee-do loses the bet, and after a monthlong brain operation, he wakes up to find that they have swapped bodies.[1][2][3]


  • Shin Ha-kyun ... Min Hee-do
  • Byun Hee-bong ... Kang No-sik
  • Lee Hye-young ... Lee Hye-rin, No-sik's wife
  • Son Hyeon-joo ... Min Tae-seok, Hee-do's uncle
  • Lee Eun-sung ... Joo Eun-ah, Hee-do's girlfriend
  • Jang Hang-sun ... Park Chang-ha
  • Kim Hyeok ... Secretary Mr. Ahn
  • Choo Sang-rok ... Dr. Kim
  • Maeng Bong-hak ... Trustee Mr. Yoon
  • Jo Cheong-ho ... President Kim


The Devil's Game was released in South Korea on 31 January 2008,[4] and topped the box office on its opening weekend with 361,650 admissions.[5] As of 31 March 2008 it had received a total of 1,496,215 admissions,[4] and as of 16 March 2008 grossed a toal of US$10,287,987.[6]


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