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The Halifax Club by George Lang (builder)

The Halifax Club is a private club in Halifax, Nova Scotia that was established in 1862. The club serves as a meeting place for business-minded men and women. It is a place where they can "meet, toast the day's successes, dine or simply relax in a warm atmosphere of history and tradition."[1] The Club has a substantial art collection including a self-portrait of Benjamin West and a painting by Robert Field. The Club was built by George Lang.


On January 22, 1862, 15 distinguished gentlemen of Halifax met in the Hollis Street office of Robie Uniacke to organize what was to become known as The Halifax Club. These men, whose names served as a Who’s Who of Halifax at that time, were Edward Kenny, William A. Black, Mathers Byles Almon, Edward Binney, Captain W.W. Lyttleton, Colonel W.J. Myers, S.A. White, James C. Cogswell, Henry Pryor, John Tobin, Robert Morrow, Alfred G. Jones, M.B. Almon, Jr. and William Cunard. Many of these men were also members of the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, North British Society and the Chebucto Grays.

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