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The Kids at Groezrock 2013

The Kids are a Belgian punk rock band formed in 1976. They are Belgium's most well known punk band and remembered for their signature songs Fascist Cops (1978) and There Will Be No Next Time (1981).

They broke up in 1985, but came back together in 1996 for the soundtrack recording of the Belgian film Dief (Thief). They have been together ever since and still play gigs around the world.


  • 1976: Inspired by the upcoming punk wave, Ludo Mariman and the De Haes brothers formed The Kids. Their bass player, Danny De Haes, was only 12 at the time (and not allowed in at some of his own concerts...)
  • 1977: The Kids sign their first record contract with Phonogram. They play support acts for Iggy Pop and Patti Smith.
  • 1978: Their first album The Kids is recorded, and guitarist Luc van de Poel joins the band. They play at the famous Jazz Bilzen festival. Eight months later the second album Naughty Kids was released. Both records are now very legendary and important in punk history[citation needed]
  • 1978 to 1984 The Kids play lots and lots of concerts, winning lots of Belgian polls and record another 3 albums:
  • Living in the 20th Century, The Black album (with their biggest Belgian hit : "There will be no Next Time") and a Live album, recorded with the Rolling Stones mobile studio ..

They also bring out around 10 singles, with a couple top 20 hits (There will be no next time, Dancing..)

  • 1985: The band releases 'Gotcha!', their final studio album.,.and split after it
  • 1996: The band is reformed, and starts touring again., due to several asks from France and Belgium and from the beginning they are very successful in these reunion gigs

.. and from this point the band is also asked on lots of festivals and venues outside Belgium, at first beginning with France, Italy and, especial, lots of very successful German concerts ..(which, in the beginning, they found very strange, as they were never asked in foreign countries before)

  • 2004: The Kids play their first concert in the USA, at Southpaw in Brooklyn. A DVD of this sold-out show is released as 'The Kids: Live infore ..)New York'., the year after was their first Canadian tour, and they went back to Austin (Texas) for a very important successful fest..
  • 2007: An 'Anthology' box set with all their old albums is released.
  • 2008: The Kids play at the Lokerse Feesten Festival with The Sex Pistols, The New York Dolls and The Buzzcocks.

and keep on touring worldwide ..

  • 2008 to 2012: the kids play lots of concerts worldwide: Canada, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway .. aso ..
  • and also in 2012 the line up changed with a new drummer Tim Jult and new Bassplayer Ief V.Lommel
  • 2013 will also bring lots of concerts, and they announce a major West USA coast tour, incl giggs in Portland, Seattle, S.Francisco, L.A, San Diego..


  • 1978: The Kids
  • 1978: Naughty Kids
  • 1979: Living In The 20th Century
  • 1981: Black Out
  • 1982: If The Kids... (live)
  • 1985: Gotcha!
  • 2002: Flabbergasted! Live At AB
  • 2004: The Kids: Live In New York (DVD)
  • 2007: Anthology

Band members[edit]

Original line-up:

  • Ludo Mariman (guitar/vocals)
  • Danny De Haes (bass)
  • Eddy De Haes (drums)

Current line-up:

  • Ludo Mariman (guitar/vocals)
  • Ief Vanlommel (Bass)
  • Luc Van de Poel (guitar)
  • Tim Jult (drums)

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