My First Carcassonne

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My First Carcassonne, formerly known as The Kids of Carcassonne is a tile-laying German-style board game developed by Marco Teubner. It is a board game in the Carcassonne series, published by Hans im Gluck in Germany and Z-Man Games in North America. My First Carcassonne is the third Carcassonne spinoff in the series in which the game is designed by someone other than series creator Klaus-Jurgen Wrede, following Carcassonne: The Castle and Carcassonne: The Discovery; My First Carcassonne is designed by Marco Teubner, and both Teubner and Wrede are credited on the box.

Like the main series of games, the game is based on the historical walled city of Carcassonne: It is centered about a group of children celebrating a national holiday by catching livestock.


The game consists of 36 large tiles, and each of the players is given eight followers. At the start of the game, one tile is randomly selected to be the starting tile. On each player's turn, each player takes one of the remaining tiles and places it adjacent to a tile already in play, ensuring the roads on each tile are contiguous. Each tile contains figures of various colors on the roads; when a road is completed, players place their followers on the figures of the corresponding color on the newly completed road.

The winner is the player to have placed all of their followers. In the case that all 36 tiles are played without anyone placing all 8 followers, the winner is the player who places the most followers.