The Long and the Short of It

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The Long And The Short Of It
Pulley TLatSoI 2011.jpg
EP by Pulley
Released June 28th, 2011
Recorded Winter 2010
Genre Punk rock, Skate punk, Alternative rock, Melodic hardcore
Label When's Lunch Records
X-Members Records
Producer Matt Hyde
Pulley chronology
Time-Insensitive Material
(2009)Time-Insensitive Material2009
The Long And The Short Of It
Unnamed album
(2012)Unnamed album2012

The Long And The Short Of It is the second EP released by the punk rock band Pulley in June 28, 2011. The physical EP and 7 inch vinyl record was released by Edmonton's When's Lunch Records; digital distribution was managed by Pulley's own label, X-Members Records. The album and all of its information (including cover art, track list and release date) were announced on Pulley's Facebook page on April 4, 2011. Matt Hyde, who produced Matters in 2004 and Time-Insensitive Material in 2009 for the band, produced this new EP. An old friend of the band, Brian Walsby (Melvins, 7Seconds, Flipside, Maximum Rock & Roll, etc.), made the cover illustration.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "No Man's Flute"
  2. "The Long and the Short of It"
  3. "Which Way to Go" (Big Boys cover)