The Masked Rider (film)

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The Masked Rider
The Masked Rider FilmPoster.jpeg
Film poster
Directed by Aubrey M. Kennedy
Produced by William Steiner
Patrick Sylvester McGeeney (Shamrock Motion Pictures)
Written by Aubrey M. Kennedy
Starring Harry Myers
Ruth Stonehouse
Cinematography Jacob A. Badaracco
Arthur Boeger
Distributed by Arrow
Release date
  • May 1919 (1919-05)
Running time
15 episodes
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

The Masked Rider is a 1919 American drama western film serial directed by Aubrey M. Kennedy.[1] Scenes were filmed in Texas and Mexico. The serial was considered to be lost in entirety. However, most episodes have been found, although many are incomplete. "The Masked Rider" is considered to be the first film serial about a masked cowboy. The 15-episode serial is also significant for being the earliest surviving film appearance of actor Boris Karloff.[2]


  • Harry Myers as Harry Burrel
  • Ruth Stonehouse as Ruth Chadwick, Harry's sweetheart
  • Paul Panzer as Pancho, Cattle rustler and bandit
  • Edna M. Holland as Juanita, Pancho's daughter
  • Marie Treador as Ma Chadwick, Ruth's mother
  • Blanche Gillespie as Blanche Burrel, Harry's younger sister
  • Robert Taber as Santas, Pancho's lieutenant
  • George Chapman as Captain Jack Hathaway of the Texas Rangers
  • Boris Karloff as Mexican in saloon, Ch. 2
  • George Murdock
  • George Cravy

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