The Medium (1992 film)

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The Medium
Directed by Arthur Smith
Produced by Errol Pang
Derrol Stepenny Productions
Written by Margaret Chan
Rani Moorthy
Starring Brenda Bakke
Margaret Chan
Dore Kraus
Zhu Houren
Release date
  • 1992 (1992)
Language English
Budget S$1,840,000

The Medium (also known as Medium Rare) is Singapore's first full-length English language film. It was released in local cinemas in late 1991 and produced by Singaporean Errol Pang. It was initially supposed to be directed by a Singaporean, Tony Yeow, then by an American, Stan Barret, and finally by Arthur Smith, who was British. The Medium was initially seen as a revival of the local film industry. Starring Brenda Bakke, Margaret Chan and Dore Kraus. Zhu Houren also cameos as a coffeeshop owner whose wife ends up getting cheated by the main antagonist.


The Medium is loosely based on the Toa Payoh ritual murders of 1981, and its perpetrator, Adrian Lim, with a supernatural twist to the ending. Lim murdered two children and was sentenced to death in 1988. However, in the movie ending, the main character based on Adrian Lim escaped from the prison and ran into an incoming truck where Satan catches him and subjected him to eternal torture. This was said to be added to re-assure audience that crime does not pay.

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