Boetius Henry Sullivan

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From left to right are J. J. Brady, Urey Woodson, Boetius Henry Sullivan, and B. F. Mitchell in 1913, the Committee to meet Roger Charles Sullivan

Boetius Henry Sullivan, Sr. (November 18, 1885 - February 14, 1961[1]) was a Chicago businessman and lawyer who reorganized the Sawyer Biscuit Company in 1925.[2] He was known as "The Million Dollar Kid" for his charitable contributions while attending university.[3]


Boetius Henry Sullivan was born on November 18, 1885, to Roger Charles Sullivan and Helen Marie Quinlan in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Yale University and Harvard Law School, and on December 28, 1911 married Mary Loretta Connery.[3][4] His father, Roger Charles Sullivan died on April 14, 1920. His son, Boetius Henry Sullivan, Jr. died on December 19, 1966.[5]


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