Merlin Book 4: The Mirror of Fate

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Merlin Book 4: The Mirror of Fate
Merlin Book 4 The Mirror of Fate Cover Image.jpg
The Mirror of Fate Cover
Author T. A. Barron
Original title The Mirror of Merlin
Country U.S.A.
Language English
Series Merlin Saga
Genre Fantasy
Publisher Penguin
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 245 pp (hardcover edition)
ISBN 0-399-23455-1
OCLC 40925815
LC Class PZ7.B27567 Mi 1999
Preceded by Merlin Book 3: The Raging Fires
Followed by Merlin Book 5: A Wizard's Wings
Website The Mirror of Fate

The Mirror of Fate is a 1999 fantasy novel by T. A. Barron published by Penguin. The Mirror of Fate is the fourth book in a 12-book series known as The Merlin Saga. This book was originally published as The Mirror of Merlin, book four of The Lost Years of Merlin epic, a 5-book series providing a childhood story for the legendary Merlin, wizard of Arthurian legend.

In a remote swamp on the magical isle of Fincayra, uncommon wickedness arises. Young Merlin must journey to terrifying places - both within himself as well as on land - to save both his homeland, and his own destiny.

Accompanied by the deer-woman he has come to love, Hallia, and his own roguish shadow, Merlin discovers "a magical mirror that can alter anyone's fate." The person Merlin beholds upon gazing into the mirror is the person he least expects to find.