The Moon's Shadow

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The Moon's Shadow
The Moon's Shadow -- bookcover.jpg
Author Catherine Asaro
Country United States
Language English
Series Saga of the Skolian Empire
Genre Science Fiction
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date
March 2003
Media type softcover
Pages 480
ISBN 978-0-7653-0425-4
Preceded by Spherical Harmonic
Followed by Diamond Star

The Moon's Shadow is a novel from the Saga of the Skolian Empire by Catherine Asaro which tells the story of Jaibriol Qox III—how he became emperor of Eube after the interstellar Radiance War, and founded peace talks between his people, the Eubians, and those of the Skolian Imperialate.


After ascending the Carnelian throne, 17-year-old Eubian Emperor Jaibriol III is busy accomplishing many different goals[1] — beginning peace talks with Skolian Imperialate, escaping death during several assassination attempts and marrying his beautiful, tricky and dangerous finance minister Tarquine Iquar. Above all, he has to hide from his Aristo fellows, that he is in fact a Rhon psion, for if his secret is ever revealed, he would face the fate of an enslaved provider.

This novel overlaps with Ascendant Sun which tells the events after Radiance War from the point of view of new Skolian Imperator Kelric Valdoria and Spherical Harmonic which tells the events after Radiance War from the point of view of Pharaoh Dyhianna Selei. The Radiant Seas tells the story of Jaibriol's childhood on the planet Prizma and the course of Radiance War.


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