The New Market Wizards

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The New Market Wizards
Paperback 1994
Author Jack D. Schwager
Language English
Genre Finance
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication date
January 26, 1992
Pages 512
ISBN 0-88730-667-5
OCLC 29774786
Preceded by Market Wizards
Followed by Stock Market Wizards

The New Market Wizards is a book by Jack D. Schwager published on January 26, 1992 by HarperCollins. The format is very similar to his 1988 Market Wizards, with a new selection of interviews with super-traders.

As in the previous volume, Schwager starts with a frank discussion of his own trading experience, followed by a surprising diversion comparing Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait with a trade that went wrong.

The rest of the book is broken into five parts including interviews with different types of traders and brief discussions of the lessons to be learnt from them, plus a part on trading psychology and a final part summarising the wisdom gained from all of the interviewees in 42 golden rules.


Part I: Trading perspectives[edit]

  • Misadventures in Trading
  • Hussein Makes a Bad Trade

Part II: The World's Biggest Market[edit]

Part III: Futures-The Variety-Pack Market[edit]

Part IV: Fund Managers and Timers[edit]

Part V: Multiple-Market Players[edit]

Part VI: The Money Machines[edit]

Part VII: The Psychology of Trading[edit]

Part VIII: Closing Bell[edit]

  • Market Wiz(ar)dom
  • A personal reflection