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Opensouls were a New Zealand band formed in 2001.[1] After releasing numerous vinyl EPs, the band released their critically acclaimed debut album Kaleidoscope which impressed reviewers and fans alike. While this album draws inspiration from soul, reggae, jazz & blues styles, their next album, Standing In The Rain, was made with the intent to reflect the sound and feeling of a particular musical era: late 1950s and early 1960s British and American R&B.[1] Opensouls are now regarded as one of Aotearoa's premier groups. The band split up in 2011, playing their final live shows.

Band members[edit]

  • Bjorn Petersen – Vocals
  • Tyra Hammond – Vocals
  • Jeremy Toy - Guitar
  • Chip Mathews – Bass
  • Steph "Cee" Brown - Keys
  • Julien Dyne - Percussion
  • Scott Towers - Saxophone
  • Cam Allen - Saxophone
  • Isaac "Aesh" Aesili - Trumpet
  • Harlin Davey - Turntables



Year Title[2] Label NZ Top 40 Albums Chart[3] Copies Sold
2006 Kaleidoscope From The Crate 29
2009 Standing in the Rain From the Crate 8

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