The Ravagers

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The Ravagers
1964 paperback edition
Author Donald Hamilton
Cover artist John McDermott
Country United States
Language English
Series Matt Helm
Genre Spy novel
Publisher Fawcett Publications
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 144 pp
Preceded by The Shadowers
Followed by The Devastators

The Ravagers is a novel by Donald Hamilton that was first published in 1964. It was the eighth novel in his long-running series of adventures featuring secret agent Matt Helm.

Plot summary[edit]

Matt Helm is sent to Canada where his assignment is to stop a scheme to bring a Soviet submarine within striking distance of the United States.

Film adaptation plans[edit]

In the 1960s, a series of popular motion pictures based upon the Matt Helm series were produced starring Dean Martin. These films only loosely adapted their source material, choosing to adopt a comedic tone, rather than the serious tone of Hamilton's books. At the end of the fourth film, 1969's The Wrecking Crew, it is announced that Matt Helm's next cinematic adventure would be The Ravagers (presumably based upon this novel). Martin, however, declined to return to the role for a fifth time and the film was never made. Sharon Tate, his co-star in the fourth film was murdered by the Charles Manson "family." She was to have co-starred in "The Ravagers." Martin didn't want to do it without her.[citation needed]

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