The Shadow of a Gunman

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The Shadow of a Gunman
Written by Seán O'Casey

Donal Davoren
Seumus Shields
Mr Gallogher
Minnie Powell
Mr Mulligan
Tommy Owens
Mr Maguire
Adolphus Grigson

Mrs Grigson
An Auxiliary
Date premiered April 12, 1923 (1923-04-12)
Place premiered Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Irish Free State
Original language English
Series Dublin Trilogy
Setting Dublin, 10–11 May 1920, a tenement flat

The Shadow of a Gunman is a 1923 play by Seán O'Casey set during the Irish War of Independence. It centres on the mistaken identity of a building tenant who is thought to be an IRA assassin.

It is the first in O'Casey's "Dublin Trilogy" - the other two being Juno and the Paycock (1924) and The Plough and the Stars (1926).


Dublin. May 1920. Each act takes place in Seumus Shield's room in a tenement in Hilljoy Square.


Donal Davoren is a poet who has come to room with Seumus Shields in a poor, Dublin tenement slum. Many of the residents of the tenement mistake Donal for an IRA volunteer (gunman on the run). Donal does not refute this notoriety, especially when it wins him the affection of Minnie Powell, an attractive young woman in the tenement. Meanwhile, Seumus' business partner, Mr Maguire hides a bag full of Mills bombs in Seumus' apartment before participating in an ambush in which he is killed. The city is put under curfew as a result of the ambush, and Donal and Seumus do not discover the grenades until the Auxies are raiding the tenement. Minnie Powell takes the bag and hides it in her own room. The Auxies find nothing of note in Seumus' room, but take off Minnie Powell, who is later killed trying to escape.


  • Donal Davoren - a poet living with Seumus in the tenement. Some of the residents suspect he has an affiliation with the IRA.
  • Seumus Shields - a lazy pedlar of about thirty five disillusioned over the nationalist cause he supports who wishes the conflict will end.
  • Tommy Owens - a younger man of twenty five that is enamored with the Republican effort.
  • Adolphus Grigson - an alcoholic resident of the tenement; a self-proclaimed "Orangeman", Grigson's Protestantism exemplified by his Bible and his picture of King William triumphant at the Battle of the Boyne hanging on the wall doesn't exempt him from being harassed by the Black and Tans.
  • Mrs Grigson - Adolphus's wife.
  • Minnie Powell - a woman of twenty three that fawns over Davoran by virtue of his supposed IRA connections; she is sardonically equated to Kathleen Ni Houlihan, the symbol of Irish nationalism.
  • Mr Mulligan - the landlord of the tenement.
  • Mr Maguire - an IRA volunteer and friend of Seumus.
  • Mrs Henderson - a resident of a neighboring tenement and a champion of Mr Gallogher's plea.
  • Mr Gallogher - a resident of a neighboring tenement seeking the IRA's help.
  • An Auxiliary - a soldier of the Auxiliary Division

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  • In the music video for The Adventures song "Send My Heart" (1984), the lead character is seen trying out for a version of the play.

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