The Stone (album)

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The Stone
Studio album by Babble
Released March 8, 1994
Genre World beat
Length 51:27
Label Reprise/Warner Bros. Records
Producer Tom Bailey
Alannah Currie
Keith Fernley
Babble chronology
The Stone

The Stone is the first album by Babble, an electronic dance music group that was composed of Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie (formerly of the Thompson Twins), and Keith Fernley. The group changed its name as it changed the outward appearance of its sound, from pop to dub-influenced chill-out. The underlying melodies and the familiar voices of Bailey and Currie still gave a Thompson Twins tone. However, the addition of Quest vocalist Amey St. Cyr ("Take Me Away" and "Tribe"), emcee Q-Tee ("Beautiful"), deep basslines, and loads of spacious effects made it a much more relevant album for the lounge music scene. Promotion of the album was minimal. However, during an interview in Classic Pop magazine in 2014, Bailey stated the album was influential in the recording of the U2 / Brian Eno project Passengers album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Downward Pull of Heaven's Force" - 1:38
  2. "Tribe" - 5:49
  3. "You Kill Me" - 6:13
  4. "Spirit" - 6:51
  5. "Take Me Away" - 6:42
  6. "The Stone" - 3:31
  7. "Beautiful" - 6:22
  8. "Space" - 5:50
  9. "Sunray Dub" - 2:23
  10. "Drive" - 6:03