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The University of Tokyo Library in Tokyo, Japan, consists of the General Library, which provides services for all students and researchers affiliated with the university, Komaba Library, which supports the studies of the first two years of undergraduate education, Kashiwa Library, which functions as the back number center for natural science materials, as well as more than 60 faculty/institution libraries in various academic fields. The library has the largest collection in Japan, holding a total of over 8,000,000 books.


General Library[edit]

General Library
Medical Library

The General Library plays a central role in providing service to all the researchers and students of the university, as well as to give administrative support other branch libraries. The library houses approximately 1,090,000 books, and these valuable collections attract many researchers in and outside of the university. The library has a history of nearly 130 years since its opening in 1878. (Japanese only)

Eligibility for use of library - Persons affiliated with the University of Tokyo: Faculty members, graduate students, undergraduate students, auditors, personnel, and others who have been approved by the director - Persons from outside University of Tokyo (reference-only): Former faculty members, personnel, alumni, and others

ILL service provides access to the holding of the General Library through interlibrary loan of original material. Loan service is available to university libraries in Japan. Please contact ILL section regarding other libraries.

Komaba Library[edit]

Komaba Library mainly supports the studies of the first two years of undergraduate education. (Japanese only)

Eligibility for use of library Faculty members, graduate students, undergraduate students, auditors, others who have requested use from outside the university, and others who have been approved by the director

Kashiwa Library[edit]

Opened in 2004, Kashiwa Library is a library devoted to the natural sciences. All the books in Kashiwa Library can be searched on OPAC. (Japanese, partly English)

Eligibility for use of library Faculty members, graduate students, undergraduate students, auditors, others who have requested use from outside the university, and others who have been approved by the director

Major Collections[edit]

The University of Tokyo Library houses many collections. Some collections are searchable through OPAC, though most are available only through card catalogue. Below are some examples of the major collections.

  • Akiba Collection:

Collector: Akiba, Yoshimi (1896–1952). Content: Shibai Banzuke (list of the title and the casts of the Kabuki presented on the stage) during the Empo-Meiji eras. 16,831 volumes.

  • Katei Collection:

Collector: Watanabe, Katei (1864–1926) Content: Japanese fictions in the Edo period. 1,851 volumes.

  • Nanki Collection:

Collector: Tokugawa, Yorimichi (1872–1925) Content: Collection of Tokugawa, the feudal lord of Kii Province (including Yoshunro-bon, Sakata-bon, Gakkai-bon. 96,000 volumes.

  • Ogai Collection:

Collector: Mori, Ogai (1862–1922). Content: Biographical or historical books, Bukan(directory of Daimyo and Hatamoto), old maps in the Edo period, European literature. 18,700 volumes.

  • Seishu Collection:

Collector: Watanabe, Makoto (1840–1911). Content: Chinese classics and Japanese literature. 25,000 volumes.

  • Material of the Society of National Policy:

Collector: Minobe, Yoji (1900–1953). Content: Literature on politics and economic policy during the World War II. 6,624 volumes.

ILL Service for Non-University Members[edit]

Inter-library loan & delivery service between libraries in the campuses is available for researchers as teachers and graduates (some libraries are excluded).

Online Resources[edit]

Online Catalogs[edit]

  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) / Multilingual OPAC

You can search the resources using the OPAC system for journals held in entire University libraries, and books acquired in/after 1985. They are currently in the process of incorporating the materials acquired before 1985 into their electronic system.

  • Book Contents Database

The Book Contents Database allows you to search for books held in the libraries of the University of Tokyo by looking at their tables of contents or information taken from their summaries and dust jackets. This gives you access to the actual content of the books, which was previously unavailable through the conventional OPAC system. Approximately 229,820 volumes (Japanese:164,319 English:65,501, as of 2004.11) of books/materials held by the University of Tokyo can be searched.

  • Doctoral Dissertation Database

The database of bibliographies and abstracts of dissertations/theses, which were granted by the University of Tokyo. The database includes bibliographies from 1957, and abstracts after 1994. Guide to the locations of dissertations is also displayed.

  • Database of newspapers available at the University of Tokyo

Search for newspapers held in the University of Tokyo libraries. (Japanese only)

Faculty/Institution Library's Online Catalogs[edit]

  • General library

- List of Microforms held at the General Library (Japanese only and some English)

- Database of the Tibetan Tripitaka Card Catalog (Japanese only)

- Catalog of Classical Chinese Books (approx. 10,000 records) (Japanese only)

  • Institute of Oriental Culture

- Catalogue of Classical Chinese Books in the IOC (before 2001) (Chinese only)

- The Digital library of Classical Chinese Books

  • Historiographical Institute

- Historiographical Institute Historical Documents Catalog (historical documents other than books) (Japanese only)

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