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This article is about the television series. For other uses, see The Unsellables.
The Unsellables
Genre Housing
Buy, Sell & Trade
How To/Do It Yourself
Written by Tim Grimes
Sarah Sked
Jenny Tryansky
Directed by Catherine Annau
W.K. Davis
Danielle Kiraly
Allison Reid
Marc Simard
Karen Yarosky
Cheryl Zalameda
Presented by Sofie Allsopp
Anthony Sayers
Theme music composer Peter Warnica
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 44 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Simon Lloyd
Kathleen Ruttan
Glen Salzman
Producer(s) Katherine Buck
Lorraine Clark
Sarah Sked
John Vandervelde
Location(s) Canada
Cinematography Micha Dahan
Josh Power
Editor(s) Gina Binetti
Ed Balevicius
Gerard Banning
Gerry Banning
Ryan Feldman
Sonia Godding
Mark Holtze
Eric Lambert
Burak Ozgan
Lindsay Ragone
Gad Reichman
Jeff Reynolds
Erinn Van Wynsberghe
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Cineflix
Original network HGTV
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
First shown in Canada
Original release January 1, 2009 – Currently
Related shows The Unsellables (UK)
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The Unsellables is a Canadian reality show that debuted on January 1, 2009.[1] The show airs on HGTV.[2] The Unsellables focuses on helping people who have trouble selling their home.[3] There was also a British remake of the series.[4]


The Unsellables was written by Tim Grimes, Sarah Sked and Jenny Tryansky.[5] The Unsellables is presented by Sofie Allsopp and is produced by Cineflix.[6] Peter Warnica is the theme music composer of the series.[5] Simon Lloyd, Kathleen Ruttan and Glen Salzman are the executive producers of the series.[5] Micha Dahan and Josh Power does the cinematography on the show. The series is directed by Catherine Annau, W.K. Davis, Danielle Kiraly, Allison Reid, Marc Simard, Karen Yarosky and Cheryl Zalameda.[5] The series is edited by many people, this includes Gina Binetti, Ed Balevicius, Gerard Banning, Gerry Banning, Ryan Feldman, Sonia Godding, Mark Holtze, Eric Lambert, Burak Ozgan, Lindsay Ragone, Gad Reichman, Jeff Reynolds and Erinn Van Wynsberghe.[5] Katherine Buck, Lorraine Clark, Sarah Sked and John Vandervelde are the people that produce the series.[5]


The host of The Unsellables is Sofie Allsopp. Sofie Allsopp is also a presenter on the British version of the series. Sofie is known as a British property expert turned television presenter. In addition to hosting the UK version of the series for the BBC, Sofie was formerly the property specialist on ITV’s daytime lifestyle programme This Morning. Her other television credits include More4 Channel’s Property Guide and Channel 4’s primetime special Britain’s Best & Worst Places to Live.

Season 1[7][edit]

Episode No. Title
1 A Bungalow Behind the Times
2 Potential of a Pastor's Home
3 A Plan for Patricia
4 Reining in Buyers for Ruth
5 Cosmetic Overhaul
6 From Dated to Sophisticated
7 Decor on a Deadline
8 A Homeowner's Unique Style is Too Specific to Her Taste and Not Attracting Buyers
9 Sofie Transforms a Dilapidated Downtown Home
10 A Homeowner's Pets Are Preventing Buyers From Seeing the Home's Potential
11 From Dorm Room to Delightful
12 A Home That's Buried in Clutter and Baby Accessories is Not Selling
13 A Bland and Boring Home is Upgraded to Increase Sales Potential
14 Contemporary Touches in a Sprawling Suburban Home
15 Adding Brilliance to a Bland Bungalow
16 A Home With Wild West Decor Needs to Be Reined In
17 Suiting a Home to Its Trendy Surroundings
18 A Lakefront Home Needs Upgrades to Match Its Incredible View
19 Retro 80s Decor Is Turning Off Potential Buyers of This Home
20 A Home With Edgy Decor Needs Toning Down
21 Playing Up a Home's Outdoor Spaces to Increase Its Marketing Potential
22 Modern Charm Enhances a Small Home for Sale
23 A Drab Property Is Transformed In Traditional Style to Target Buyers
24 Home Sellers Need a Profit Before Moving On
25 Adopting and Needing Action
26 One Home Too Many

Season 2[7][edit]

Episode No. Title
1 Rustic Shack Turns Into a Storybook Cottage for Quick Sale
2 Charm-free, Unsellable Home Gets a Makeover and Becomes a Hot Property
3 Newlyweds Get Complete Overhaul on Cluttered and Messy Home That Won't Sell
4 Couple Wants to Sell Home to Get Away From Noisy Neighbors
5 Homeowner Needs to Sell Bachelor Pad Now!
6 Color Challenged Home Gets Much-needed 'Wow Factor'
7 Florida Awaits, But Need to Sell First
8 Six Weeks, No Realtor, No Offers
9 Victorian Home Won't Sell Because Owner Isn't Flexible
10 Multigenerational Family Needs to Sell Their Home to Go Their Separate Ways
11 Sisters Need to Sell Home, But They're Not Taking the Right Steps
12 Condo Alternative Near Downtown Needs to Sell Quickly so Mom and Dad Can Move Closer to Grown Up Kids
13 Couple With Long Commute Needs to Sell Their Home Quickly

aired summer 2012.

Media information[edit]

International broadcast[edit]

Country / Region Network(s) Aired Notes Sources
 Canada HGTV
BBC Canada
January 1, 2009 – present
2010 – present
HGTV Canada currently airs the series.
BBC Canada currently airs the series.
 United States HGTV January 1, 2009 – present HGTV currently airs the series. [3]
 Australia LifeStyle Home LifeStyle Home currently airs the series. [9]

DVD/Blu-ray releases[edit]

The Unsellables was not released on DVD.

Online media[edit]

  • In America, people can currently watch the series on the online HGTV video player.
  • In Canada, people can currently watch the series on the online HGTV video player.


The Unsellables in other countries[edit]


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