Themiscyra Plain

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Themiscyra (/ˌθɛmɪˈskɪrə/; Greek: Θεμίσκυρα Themiskyra) was a plain in the north of Pontus, about the mouths of the rivers Iris (mod. Yeşil) and Thermodon (mod. Terme), with the city Themiscyra.

It was a rich and beautiful district, ever verdant, and supplying food for numberless herds of oxen and horses. The Themiscyra Plain also produced great abundance of grain, especially pannick and millet; and the southern parts near the mountains furnished a variety of fruits, such as grapes, apples, pears, and nuts in such quantities that they were suffered to waste on the trees.[1]

Strabo describes this plain as the native country of the Amazons.[2]


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