There Is Some Fun Going Forward

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There is Some Fun Going Forward
Compilation album by various artists
Released 1972
Genre Progressive rock, folk rock
Label Dandelion Records (UK)
See For Miles (CD re-release)
Producer Various

There is Some Fun Going Forward is the only sampler album released by John Peel's Dandelion Records label, and was marketed by Polydor. As one might expect from Peel, the artists featured were not necessarily mainstream, and in fact, the only artists featured who enjoyed chart success are Clifford T. Ward and Medicine Head. The sleeve featured a photo of Peel in the bath with a naked (or at least visibly topless) woman.[1] It was re-released in 1995 by See For Miles as a CD with extra tracks.

Track listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. "Only to do What is True" (Fiddler) - Medicine Head
  2. "Anticipation" (Ward) - Clifford T. Ward
  3. "Pretty Little Girl" (Coxhill) - Coxhill-Bedford Band
  4. "Nell's Song" (Hart) - Mike Hart
  5. "All Ends Up" (Milne) - Tractor

Side Two[edit]

  1. "Fly High" (St John-Stevenson) - Bridget St John
  2. "Sky Dance" (Midgeley) - John Trevor
  3. "Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut" (E. McDaniel) - Stackwaddy
  4. "The Colour is Blue" (Savage) - Country Sun
  5. "Sand All Yellow" (Coyne-Clague-Cudworth) - Kevin Coyne

Extra tracks on CD rerelease[edit]

  1. "Vorblifa Exit" - Lol Coxhill
  2. "Fetch Me My Woman" - Siren
  3. "War Is Over" - Siren
  4. "Autumn Lady Dancing" - Principal Edwards Magic Theatre
  5. "Early Morning Song" - Bridget St. John
  6. "Sleeping Town" - Beau
  7. "Girl From Ipanema" - Stackwaddy


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