Thomas James (died 1615)

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Thomas James (died 1615) was an English merchant and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1597 and 1614.

James was the son of William James of Wollaston. He became a merchant of Bristol and was Sheriff in 1591. In 1597, he was elected Member of Parliament for Bristol in 1604 and was also mayor of Bristol in 1605. In 1614 he was re-elected MP for Bristol.[1][2]

James died in 1615 and is commemorated in St Mark's Church, the Lord Mayor's Chapel, Bristol.[1]

James married at Almesbury.[1] He may have been the father of Thomas James, the Arctic explorer.[3]


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Preceded by
George Snigge
John Hopkins
Member of Parliament for Bristol
With: George Snigge 1604–1605
John Whitson 1605–1614
Succeeded by
John Whitson
John Guy