Thomas Knox (bishop)

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Thomas Knox
Bishop of the Isles
ChurchChurch of Scotland
SeeDiocese of the Isles
In office1619–1627x1628
PredecessorAndrew Knox
SuccessorJohn Leslie
Personal details
Died1627 or 1628
Previous postDean of the Isles

Thomas Knox (died 1627 or 1628) was a Scottish prelate from the 17th century. The son of Andrew Knox, Bishop of the Isles, he received crown provision to the Deanery of the Isles on 4 August 1617.[1] He is the first Dean of the Isles to be known by name (apart from the famous Dean Monro, a century earlier), though an unnamed cathedral dean was recorded in 1572, and the "dean and chapter of Iona" are attested again on 5 June 1576.[1]

On 24 February 1619 he was granted crown provision to succeed his father as Bishop of the Isles, his father later becoming Bishop of Raphoe in Ireland.[2] Thomas Knox' last historical appearance dates to 1 November 1627, a year later than the date given by Robert Keith.[3] He had died by 3 April 1628, meaning he almost certainly died earlier in that year or at most in 1627.[4]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Dean of the Isles
Succeeded by
Patrick Stewart
Preceded by
Andrew Knox
Bishop of the Isles
Succeeded by
John Leslie