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Thomas Thompson (1773–1816) was a Tyneside poet, from Bishop Auckland area in County Durham. His last song was Jemmy Joneson's Whurry, first published in 1823, seven years after his death.

Early life[edit]

Thomas Thompson was born in 1773 in (or close to) Bishop Auckland, County Durham, the son of an officer who was already suffering from (what would turn out to be, a terminal) fever at the time of Thomas’ birth. He finished his education at Durham and then moved to Newcastle upon Tyne c 1790. Already a well-known and respected business man, and with the threat of war with, and invasion from, France, Thomas joined up in the Newcastle Light Horse as acting quartermaster, with a quick promotion following to rank of Captain.

Later life[edit]

Thomas Thompson was married and had (at least one) a son Robert born c1812. He built and lived in Cotfield House,[1] Windmill Hills, Gateshead. Thompson became a successful merchant trader with offices in the Broad Chare, Skinners Burn, Forth Banks. In 1796 he had connections with a woollen draper, Mr D Bell, and in 1801 was trading as a general merchant trading as Armstrong, Thompson & Co. He was also known for his voluntary work in the area. He died on 9 January 1816 aged 42 at his home from exertion, cold and fatigue & similar, after trying to protect his property after an instance of the River Tyne flooding. He was buried at Old St Johns.


His songs include:

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