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Central figures in the Fountain of Love, Cliveden, sculpted by Story

Thomas Waldo Story (1855–1915) was an English/American sculptor, art critic, poet and literary editor. He was born in Rome in 1855 to William Wetmore Story,[1] son of early Supreme Court justice Joseph Story. His father was a sculptor, art critic, poet and literary editor. He was raised and educated in England.

Mrs. Waldo Story, John Singer Sargent, 1883

In 1883 Thomas Waldo Story married Ada Maud Broadwood (1856-?) the eldest child of Thomas Capel Broadwood and Mary Davidson Hennin.[2] He married Bessie Pickens Abott in 1912.[3] He died at his home in New York City in 1915.[4]

Story's school years were spent in England, where he attended Eton and Christ Church. But he later moved to Rome and spent most of his life there. Story earned significant fame in Britain. He was most known for his sculpture Fountain of Love, which stands in Cliveden, Buckinghamshire.[5]



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