Thudugala Ella waterfall

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The Thudugala Ella
Another view of the waterfall.JPG
Location Dodangoda,  Sri Lanka
Type Cascade
Total height 8 m (26 ft)
A view of the waterfall at top ...
A view of the waterfall at down ....
A bathing place ...
The old bungalow near the waterfall ...

The Thudugala Ella (Sinhala: තුඩුගල ඇල්ල) waterfall is located in Thudugala village in Dodangoda Divisional Secretariat in Kalutara District of Western Province, Sri Lanka. Out of around 382 recorded waterfalls in Sri Lanka, the rank of this is 268th.[1]


The fall, which has become a famous bathing place,[2] is situated in an estate once owned by a British and his wrecked country house can still be seen there. There is also a natural stream pool surrounded by “Ketala” plants and fern. In the nearby forest reserve, there are many beautiful migratory birds and local birds, e.g. “pale bellied flower pecker”, the smallest bird in the country.[3]

Though shorter than other waterfalls in Sri Lanka such as the 263 metres (862.9 ft) high Bambarakanda Falls, the 8 metres (26.2 ft) high Thudugala Ella[4] has been listed as one of the most popular waterfalls in the country by Lanka Council on Water Falls (CLWF).[5]

Another fascination here is that a tunnel runs under the waterfall and comes out on top at one side of it.


The route to the waterfall starts from Katukurunda Junction off the Galle Road; 5 miles (8.0 km) from there on Matugama Road to Thudugala junction and from there 8 miles (12.9 km) to the waterfall. [6]

When travelling from Thudugala junction, you will come to another junction called "Ellagāwa (Near the waterfall) Junction" with a signboard of a rubber plantation so you can easily recognize it. From there, if you want to go to the waterfall and its natural bathing places, you will have to take the left road which runs over a small bridge nearby. The right road will lead you only to an artificial bathing place, which does not have a view of the natural beauty of the Thudugala Ella waterfall.


The site is slowly being developed as a tourist attraction.


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