Time's Incinerator

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Time's Incinerator
Photo by: David Pirner
Studio album by Soul Asylum
Released June 24, 1986
Recorded 1980-86
Genre Alternative rock
Length 53:46
Label Twin/Tone
Producer Bob Mould, Soul Asylum
Soul Asylum chronology
Made to Be Broken
Time's Incinerator
While You Were Out

Time's Incinerator is the second album to be released by Soul Asylum in 1986. It is a rare cassette-only release which contains b-sides, outtakes and demos from the Soul Asylum and the former Loud Fast Rules days.

The album name comes from Soul Asylum's song "Can't Go Back" from the album Made To Be Broken, where the lyrics are "fifteen years later caught in time's incinerator... yesterday's worries are today's".

The five songs (denoted with a star) were outtakes from their 1984 debut album, Say What You Will... Everything Can Happen. These songs eventually made it to the 1988 CD release (and rerelease) of the album, which was titled, Say What You Will, Clarence...Karl Sold the Truck.

The final song on side two is an improvised live track by Madison, WI Hardcore band Mecht Mensch during equipment troubles at a shared gig.

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Review scores
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Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Track listing[edit]

Side one
  1. "Dragging Me Down"*
  2. "Freeway"
  3. "Broken Glass"*
  4. "Goin' Down"
  5. "The Snake"
  6. "Hot Pants"
  7. "Job for Me"
  8. "Swingin'"
  9. "Take It to the Root" (later on Clam Dip & Other Delights, released in 1989)
  10. "Fearless"
Side two
  1. "Do You Know"*
  2. "Spacehead"*
  3. "Cocaine Blues"
  4. "Out of Style"
  5. "Nowhere to Go"
  6. "Hey Bird"
  7. "Friends"
  8. "Ramblin' Rose"
  9. "Your Clock"
  10. "Masquerade"*
  11. "Soul Asylum"


  1. "Cocaine Blues"
  2. "Freeway"
  3. "Your Clock"
  4. "Goin' Down"
  5. "Job for Me"