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Sci-Fi Drama: Army of the Apes (SFドラマ 猿の軍団 SF Drama Saru no Gundan?) was a 26 Episode Japanese science fiction series from 1974 based on Pierre Boulle's La Planète Des Singes (aka The Planet Of Apes).

Produced by Tsuburaya Productions, the series was about a female scientist and two young children who have traveled through time where they arrive in a future ruled by Apes. The trio then struggle to find a way to get back home to the 20th century.

In 1987, Television producer Sandy Frank edited together several episodes of the series, including the first and last episodes, into a movie called Time of the Apes. Syndicated to Broadcast and Cable outlets, this compilation film was also released on home video in mid-1988. The dubbing referred to the villain as "General Gaybar."

The movie was then featured twice on Mystery Science Theater 3000, originally on KTMA in 1989,[1] and then later as part of season 3 in 1991 on Comedy Central.[2]


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