Agostino Todaro

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Agostino Todaro
Agostino Todaro.jpg
Bust of Todaro in the Orto botanico di Palermo
Born(1818-01-14)14 January 1818
Died18 April 1892(1892-04-18) (aged 74)
Palermo, Italy
Scientific career
Author abbrev. (botany)Tod.

Agostino Todaro (14 January 1818 – 18 April 1892) was an Italian botanist.

He was born and died in Palermo, Italy. He was a professor of botany and became the director of the botanical gardens in Palermo. He published the Hortus Botanicus Panormitanus in 1876–1878.

In 1843, botanist Filippo Parlatore published Todaroa, which is a genus of flowering plants from the Canary Islands, belonging to the family Apiaceae. It just contains one known species, Todaroa aurea (Aiton) Parl., and it is named after Agostino Todaro.[1]

The standard botanical author abbreviation Tod. is applied to species he described.

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