Album of Dinosaurs

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Album of Dinosaurs
Album of Dinosaurs.jpg
Author Tom McGowen
Illustrator Rod Ruth
Language English
Publisher Rand McNally
Publication date
Media type Print Hardcover
Pages 60
ISBN 0-528-82024-9
OCLC 324218
LC Class QE862.D5 M28

Album of Dinosaurs is a 1972 dinosaur book written by Tom McGowen and illustrated by Rod Ruth.

First published by Rand McNally & Company. It was first published in Spanish in 1985 and second published in 1987 by Fernández Editores, México, DF, translated by Jorge Blanco y Correa under the name: El Gran Libro de Dinosaurios.

The book contains a chapter on dinosaurs in general, as well as individual chapters on Coelophysis, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Iguanodon, Compsognathus, Anatosaurus, Protoceratops, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Struthiomimus.